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We Are T2MED.ai

Our applied AI helps physicians
automatically document telemedicine and office visits

Now physicians can focus on patient care

Unlocks Existing EHR Value

Integrated seamless workflow on top of your current EHR

Intelligent documentation of patient encounters

A new AI approach that applies more than just dictation.

Improves Physician Revenue

Reduces claim rejection with built in coding expertise.

EHRs Impeded Clinician-Patient Communication

Physicians spend two hours on EHR data entry for every hour on patient care

Electronic Health Records improve data collection, but have turned physicians into data entry clerks. EHR has become an obstacle that affects their ability to communicate and treat patients.

Automated scribes are insufficient and scribes are expensive

Pure dictation as an EHR overlay alleviates typing but may not improve physician productivity. Complex coding requirements cause insurance claim delays and impact revenue.

Introducing VoiceMed - A Critical Productivity Layer on Top of EHR

Fully Customizable

Workflow automation customizable for each physician or dentist

Automated Documentation

AI documents clinician-patient encounters and updates EHR eliminating hours of typing

Integrated Telemedicine

Enables the same automated patient visit documentation and automated coding support over video interactions

Better Information

Everything a clinician needs from the EHR presented on their mobile device

Claims Compliant

Built in medical coder expertise reduces claim rejection

Low Monthly Cost

Significantly less expensive than a scribe- physicians and dentists save money and time

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